Graphic Novel Favourites

I don’t know about you, but with everything going on at the moment, my attention span has suffered hugely. While I’m still reading and reviewing, it is taking a significant portion of my available energy every day, and I’ve often been reading in bit-sized pieces rather than the binges I’m used to. What’s worked really well instead have been GRAPHIC NOVELS! In case this is something that might work for others as well, I decided to put together a list of my current favourites. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve enjoyed all of these. (And while I’ve given order links to places that still ship, I do encourage checking with your local comic stores or indies whether they are able to procure them for you instead!)

The book that started this whole post. Stuck for something to read, I picked up this graphic novel and fell in love. A whimsical YA tale of a witch and a non-binary werewolf, up against a mysterious force in the woods. Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu is adorable, and the graphic novel equivalent of a cuddly blanket and a mug of tea. While it is not the deepest story, it is captivating, and embraces its format and audience. This is the perfect thing to read while stuck in quarantine! Get yourself a copy from Waterstones or Book Depository.

The Wicked and the Divine is the original graphic novel series that got me into the genre! Now complete in nine volumes, this series follows a number of teenagers turned temporarily into Gods, mixing a variety of mythologies with the modern cult of celebrities. It has its highs and lows, but it is always entertaining, the art is stunning, and the antagonist is complex and unexpected and the story is twisty until the bitter end. And did I mention that the series is done now and you can binge it in one go? I highly recommend you check it out for yourself – get the first volume from Waterstones or Book Depository.

I’ve been going back and forth about what to include in this lineup, and ultimately decided to go with series that had a very different vibe. The next, Monstress, is drawn in an amazing Art Nouveau style by Sana Takeda – something I have not seen in any other graphic novel series, features a one-handed protagonist, and TALKING CATS. The story is weird, and it doesn’t always make sense, but its so beautiful you won’t mind. You’ll just root for my love Maika and go with the flow and that’s that. And oh, my, I just saw that there’s a fourth volume out that I completely missed… to the order machine I go! If you’re intrigued, you can get your own from Waterstones or Book Depository.

It’s no secret that I love everything that V.E. Schwab writes – and her comics are no different. The Shades of Magic trilogy ranks among my all-time favourites, and the Steel Prince comics are its prequels. Featuring adventures of the stern king Maxim Maresh back when he was a rash young prince, these graphic novels showcase V.E. Schwab’s signature storytelling and add mythology to the universe. Accompanied by Andrea Olimpieri’s wonderful art, they are a must for any Schwablin! Get them from Forbidden Planet directly.

Last, but not least, a manga that I’m looking forward to checking out as soon as it arrives is Vinland Saga. While this Japanese series has been around for ages, even in translation – the English version is at Book 11 now, it’s anime adaption only came out recently. I’ve been watching it religiously with my friend and loving it, so I can’t wait to see the source material for our favourite disaster boy Thorfinn! Inspired by the Icelandic sagas and the legendary discovery of Vinland (America) by Leif Ericson a thousand years ago, this tells the story of young Thorfinn, son of Thors, a tale of pride and war. Vikings told through the Japanese lens. I love it. Order this from Waterstones or Book Depository.

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