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For the Lost Time – Heather Blair

Thank you, Booktamins and Heather Blair, for having me as part of the blog tour for this sweet gay time-travel romance! I’ve been in an odd reading mood recently, so reading something with barely any fantastical elements has proven a welcome distraction from my usual diet, and it was fun to read a new adult romance for once!

RELEASE DATE: 21/04/20


SUMMARY: When Diego Delgado closed his eyes it was 2020. When he awoke, he was one-hundred years in the past. Thrust into the dawn of the Jazz Age with no money and nowhere to go, Diego encounters a veritable bouquet of acquaintances including a kind-hearted factory owner, a free-spirited flapper, a worldly-wise mystic, and a strong-willed heir named Thomas Greely. Diego, desperate to return to the future and reunite with his young daughter, must blend in with the roaring twenties lifestyle while searching for answers. But distractions are all around him, especially Thomas who is both beautiful and charismatic, and Diego must grapple with the reality that even if he succeeds in returning home, half of his heart will stay behind.

OPINIONS: Now, I want to begin by saying that I really enjoyed reading For the Lost Time. It is a cute story about two men finding themselves and figuring out who they are and who they want to be, and as a romance, there is of course a HEA. While the main characters were not as deep as they could have been, they were written in ways that made the readers feel with them, and hints for the ending were strewn nicely throughout the book without giving too much away before it was time. And I mean, yeah, Diego and Thomas were the stars of the show, but Dora stole my heart. I love me a feisty woman who can hold her own in a man’s world.

However, as it is a self-published work, it shows that it has not been thoroughly edited by someone other than the author. This might partially be me picking up on this more as someone trying to get into the industry and editing myself, but the prose is inconsistent, and heavily overwritten at times. The author often tells rather than shows, and there are a few logical inconsistencies. I am confident that a professional edit could help improve the book immensely, as the bones of the story and characters are strong.

If you are intrigued, add For the Lost Time on Goodreads here, or order it from Amazon US as a paperback or ebook here!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Blair is the author of new adult romance novels including Lucid Dreaming and Wide Awake. She was born and raised in Vermont and has spent much of her adult life in New York and Los Angeles. She currently resides in Connecticut with her two cats. You can find her here:

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